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Your Referees' Effective Holders Address Counts Ratio
Your Referee will be considered as an effective count if his/her Trading Volume exceeds 10,000 USDT and Futures Wallet Balance is more than 100 USDT under ApolloX DEX Platform. We will calculate the Effective Referee Counts Ratio with the formula: The number of your Effective Referee Counts / the total number of Effective Referee Counts in ApolloX DEX Platform.
All Referees under your account will be counted into the total Referee's Trading Volume. The Referees' Trading Volume Ratio's formula is the accumulative trading volume of all your referees on the ApolloX DEX platform/The total accumulative trading volume of all referees of all users on the ApolloX DEX platform.
Our formula for calculating this ratio is: Average (Your Referees' Effective Holders Address Counts / All Referees' Effective Holders Address Counts of ApolloX DEX Platform). Referees' Effective Holders Address counts will be checked in daily basis, and the weekly average Counts Ratio will be calculated as a factor for Leaderboard rankings.
1. Ranking Score Index = (Effective Referee Counts Ratio x 0% + Referees' Trading Volume Ratio x 0% + Referees' Effective Holders Address Counts Ratio x 0%)x 10000 2. We will conclude the leaderboard ranking results on a weekly basis. Every week's top will be awarded with the corresponding percentage of the Week Bonus Pool. 3. When we refer to "the week", the first day of the week is every Monday, and every week means every Monday 00:00:00 AM (UTC+0)-every Sunday 23:59:59 (UTC+0). If the data exceeds the time cut point of this week, it will be included in the calculation of the next week.
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