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The native token of the APX ecosystem


Help shape APX platform’s future, stake APX to earn voting rights, and earn rewards.
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Lock up APX to get double benefits
DAO Rewards
Gain voting rights to govern the community, participate in major decisions of ApolloX, and get discounts on handling fees when you lock up APX if the conditions are met.
Staking Rewards Upgraded
APX platform will allocate a certain amount from the Community Treasury to inject into the DAO reward pool every cycle (7 days) as a reward for all VeNFT holders. The amount is accumulated over the cycle and calculated based on power weightage.
Repurchase &
The ApolloX platform will withdraw part of the daily fee income and carry out APX repurchase and destruction from the secondary market from time to time.
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Meet Our Community
APXplorers make up a vibrant global community driving the success of APX. Be one of us and help shape the future.