On-Chain Futures (V2)
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Participate in ApolloX governance
ApolloX DAO
Help shape ApolloX future, stake APX to earn voting power and earn rewards.
Total Locked Supply
Average Locked Period
Total Power
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ApolloX ecosystem
Lock up APX to get double benefits
DAO Rewards
Get community governance voting rights. Participate in important decision-making for ApolloX
Staking Rewards
ApolloX will inject a certain amount into the DAO reward pool every cycle (7 days) to reward all VeNFT holders. The amount is accumulated over the cycle and calculated based on Power weightage.
Repurchase Rewards
- / -
Today Repurchase / Cumulative
ApolloX will set aside a portion of trading fee income every day, used to repurchase APX from the secondary market from time to time. The repurchased APX will be added into the DAO reward pool.
Trade Rewards
Accelerate trading rewards tier. Higher tiers mean higher transaction rewards.
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Vote for Proposal
Create proposals and cast your votes via this simple interface.
Lock & get veNFT
Harness voting power when you lock APX. You also earn additional APX rewards.
Intro to ApolloX DAO Governance
Read about ApolloX 2.0 and how the governance process works.
Meet Our Community
ApolloXplorers make up a vibrant global community driving the success of ApolloX. Be one of us and help shape the future.