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Game System

coin system

Coin Trend Predict System

Each spaceship has a specific coin UP and DOWN attributes. When exploring, you can use this attribute to predict the token’s trend, and you have the chance to increase the final output by correctly predicting the coin trend for the duration of your exploration.

explore system

Explore System

You can drive your spaceship to explore different galaxies, find rare planets for mining, and get rewards. On the way to explore, you will have the opportunity to get excess rewards.

Furnace System

Furnace System

After exploring, you will mine rAPX, you can put rAPX into the furnace to participate in the prediction game. The winner will get more APX rewards.

mint nft

Mint Planet NFT

During the exploration, you will have the opportunity to obtain planet NFT. Having planet NFT means that you can collect taxes from miners, and you can also mine your own planet.

How to Play

You will need to have a spaceship in order to travel to new planets. The rarity of your spaceship determines your Mining Power and Exploration Power.

  1. Step 1

    Mint the spaceship from Mystery Box

  2. Step 2

    Select a spaceship and pay the fuel fee to start exploration

  3. Step 3

    Mined rAPX from exploration, and burned it to be APX in Furnace.

  4. Step 4

    Get rewards after winning the game

Two Token Economy

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Used to mint and repair spaceships, it can be the fuel fee for exploration

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Used to join the Furnace game to earn APX


  1. TBD

    Pre-sale Round 1

    200 mystery boxes will be available to whitelisted ApolloXplore in the Community Rewards Program (Silver and above).

  2. TBD

    Beta Game Launch

    Including exploration and furnace function.

  3. TBD