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Decentralized Crypto Derivatives Exchange

ApolloX, the world's first centralized and decentralized (CEX-DEX) hybrid crypto exchange that offers trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies. ApolloX offers both web-based and APP-based trading methods, which are safe, reliable and convenient. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies on ApolloX now.

ApolloX Offers You

The usual benefits as seen on our CEX.

Fast & Stable System
With our fast and reliable system functionality, users do not have to worry about system downtime.
Deep Liquidity
Unparalleled order-book liquidity allows users to trade efficiently with minimal slippage.
High Leverage
Users can trade crypto futures freely with up to 100x leverage.

Start trading on DEX

Enjoy incredible accessibility to crypto futures

Highly Intuitive
Experience speed on our DEX. Trade quickly on an easy-to-use platform.
Save Gas Fees
Users can save gas fees paying to miners for each transaction.
Increased Privacy
No sign-ups required. Simply connect to your own wallet and you are all set.
More Security
Trade directly with no intermediaries. More autonomy in a decentralized environment.
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