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Trade Crypto Decentralized

Trade crypto perpetuals with up to 500x leverage, low fees, and the lowest slippage on the market.

Best DEX Ever
Best decentralized exchange experience
Explore trading, GameFi, and APX in the ApolloX ecosystem.
16B +
Trading Volume (30d)
40K +
$35M +
APX Locked
Freedom of Choice
The top decentralized crypto exchange offering a wide selection of perpetual futures. Trade with up to 150x leverage.
Deep Liquidity
Unparalleled order book liquidity. Trade efficiently with minimal slippage.
Trustless Environment
No third party intermediary. Simply connect your DeFi wallet and start trading.
Multi-chain Support
Supports BNB Chain and Ethereum Mainnet for a better platform experience.
Be part of ApolloX Ecosystem
APX Token
The native token of the ApolloX ecosystem. Save on trading fees, earn staking rewards and vote in governance proposals.
Learn More about APX Token
Give your opinion on the future of APX, be part of ApolloX community and earn rewards.
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Trade futures anytime, anywhere

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With the investment, ApolloX will drive continued product expansion and shape Web3 trading.

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